Stress, Fear, Mental Health and COVID-19

  • Do you feel lost, alone and unable to cope with your emotions during this COVID-19 Pandemic?
  • Did you suffer from feelings of loneliness, depression, lack of self-esteem or self-love before all of this happened?
  • Have you increased use or taken up use of addictive substances like alcohol or drugs lately?
  • Do you feel uncertain about your future and that of your family?
  • Are you suffering from abuse at home or, do you feel victimised or misunderstood?
  • Is your mental health suffering and you don’t know where to turn?

“You are one thought away from complete mental health”
— Sydney Banks, The Three Principles, 1985

Philosopher and author Sydney Banks has found something so profound that it is dramatically impacting our world. Psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and others have gained insights from the wisdom of his words and released their own suffering or been able to help others do so.

“Negative thoughts are simply “scratches on a window”. They stop you from seeing life with clarity. When the negative thoughts cease, the scratches disappear and the window becomes crystal clear. Then the beauty and positive aspects of life can be seen.”— Sydney Banks


You could have someone take you by the hand, someone who understands your specific problems and how to resolve them? Someone who wants to help you feel better quickly and uses a simple, proven process to help you realise that there is a solution for you, that it is easier than you may believe to find the peace and solace you have been seeking. This solution is within yourself. You just need guidance to be able to tap into it, to believe in yourself once more and stop all the negative thinking which is driving you crazy and making you ill, unable to make good decisions and, affecting you and your family.

It’s all possible with my bespoke Mindset optimisation programme.

One of Dr Margo’s clients is 23-year-old Khi, from Northampton, who developed an addiction after going through physical changes, as he wanted to “block out” the feminine side that he was originally born with. He has not taken any drugs or alcohol for more than a month now but mentions it being a “daily battle.” Things like meditation and Three Principle sessions helped him a lot to understand his mind and what is going on within, which is why he thinks replacement drugs are not a solution.  Having been through the gender change process when he was 18, there were other mental health issues that Khi had to face. He said, “I developed drug and alcohol problems to block out what is going on in me.”

 “The Three Principles method helped me to look beyond of what we’ve all been taught.  The universal thought is quite powerful.”-said Khi, who is currently on the route to recovery.

why i do what i do:

I’m on a mission to TRANSFORM the mental health issues so many people face, especially since they may have been exacerbated by the viral pandemic, leading to further isolation and despair by many.

My passion is mentoring people who suffer due to mental health issues to look within and discover their own innate wisdom using a proven psychological method called Three Principles Intervention (3PI), so they can achieve peace and a resolution to the problems they have been facing alone for so long.

Over the years I have watched so many people struggling with their thoughts, feeling hopeless, depressed, stressed, anxious and turning to addictive substances in an effort to feel better. I found that I could help them by sitting quietly and having an informal chat about what was going on and how that was making them feel, using the wisdom of my mentor Sydney Banks who discovered the Three Principles back in the 1970s and spent his life helping others to heal. After I explained how the mind works and how we can help ourselves feel better by listening to the wisdom inside, instead of panicking about what is happening on the outside and how we can’t control things, I discovered that my clients who were really suffering from negative thinking and that this was adversely affecting their behaviour, were able to relax and gain valuable insights into their own recovery path. I learnt these techniques through my own pain and suffering over many years in depression, anxiety and lack of self-worth. This helped me understand the problems people face and, my own lessons have allowed me to help others succeed in conquering their mental health issues. I’ve been working with clients suffering from mental health issues, including addiction for over 6 years and, find it so fulfilling to be able to support you in your journey now.

The Mind optimisation programme will help you to:

  • Overcome stress and anxiety
  • Reduce depression and find ways to love your life
  • Diminish addictive behaviour naturally, without harsh abstinence routines
  • Understand how to regulate your thoughts so that you do not suffer and can regain mental health

This is how it works:

  • Have an initial free consultation call with Dr Margo to discuss your issues and form plan of action
  • Meet personally if possible or, over Zoom, to undergo mind optimisation using 3PI over several sessions
  • Have free access to Dr Margo by email over the agreed consultation period to resolve issues and answer questions
  • Pre-defined progress calls to assess improvement in mindset and resolution of mental health issues
  • Sign off when you feel ready to face the world with renewed vigour and optimism!
  • Bonus
  • Free Book “The Missing Link” by Sydney Banks

key benefits of the mind optimisation programme:

  • Learn how to heal your own mindset through insights which provide clarity
  • Discover new and beneficial solutions to things that caused your mental health issues
  • Understand that you have the power to reclaim your own mental health and were never flawed, simply lost in thought
  • Break free from disempowering relationships and situations and develop new empowering lives
  • Save years of mental illness by learning how your mind works and be able to help others
  • Discover how to heal yourself rather than papering over the cracks through medication

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