Some Hope For This Unprecedented Time of Uncertainty

Many people are living a life of fear these days, since the Pandemic was declared. The pandemic is actually FEAR, not the virus which is causing COVID-19. This fear is causing widespread panic, uncertainty, egocentric, selfish behaviour amongst those who do not understand. Franklin Roosevelt in the 1933 depression in USA famously said

“The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself. Nameless unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyses needed efforts to convert retreat into advance”.

We have been long conditioned by society, through the media, to react in fear, to feel separate and hopeless, when global events look bad. I am asking you to take an alternative view, this summer and see the pandemic as a global opportunity for change.

For hundreds of years, humans have acted against their true nature, ignoring our core, fundamental connectedness to each other and every living thing, in love and harmony. Instead, we have been conditioned to believe that “success” is achieved by following the “norms” of our society – get a good degree, a good job, strive for money, homes, cars, consumer goods. To see ourselves as “separate” and unconnected, in competition with each other, to achieve dominance, to be addicted to social media, our phones, the opinions of others. None of these things will bring us true happiness. If you reach for your phone every morning as you awaken, ask yourself “Am I just a consumer? Who or what, is actually running my life?”

This separatist approach is actually weakening and destroying the human race and damaging our beautiful, magnificent home “Mother Earth”. This attitude opposes our most fundamental being – a drive towards co-operation and partnership – this way of “being” is essential to the physics of all life.

The corona virus is exposing, in every way, that most of us are not living in harmony with our true nature. It has taken a microbe to wake us up to what matters in life. We have been forced to “pause” and reconsider every aspect of our existence and examine closely the lives of others and, our relationships with them. It has brought governments together, connected them with seats of knowledge in our universities and, captains of business, to find solutions rapidly and, for the good of all, in a short space of time. Nothing else could have caused this dramatic shift in global society and, it will lead to lasting change, hopefully, for the better, due to the wake up call and lessons learnt.

I am asking you to consider this time as an unprecedented opportunity to re-evaluate your entire existence, to chose some new rules to live by, to just “be”, to allow yourself to dream again, to dream big and to take action now! It is your true nature to dream, to believe in your own greatness, to love unconditionally and to live a life of joy, in harmony with the rest of the universe. If you want some help to do this and make your breakthrough, get in touch With much love, Dr Margo xx

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