Some Hope For Easter – Part II

Easter is a time for rebirth, the coming of Spring, new flowers and plants, new life and hope! Some, however, are dying. This is the cycle of life and my heart goes out to those suffering and losing loved ones through the COVID-19 outbreak, amongst other causes, at this unprecedented time in our history.

My beloved sister, Judi, died on Good Friday, 25 years ago, aged only 40. She was a very beautiful soul, spiritual, loving, selfless, a local GP with 4 young children. I imagine her divine spirit rose again, like Jesus, on Easter Monday, which brings me great solace. I am not a religious person. I believe we are all energy and that energy is all there is. Connection to this energy is spirituality, connecting to our soul. This is the seat of all wisdom and, all the answers we seek reside deep within us in this source of consciousness, of eternal wisdom. It is available to all of us, at any moment, without exception, if we still our busy thinking minds long enough to tap into it.

Judi was stressed, she constantly tormented herself over being the best Mum and the best doctor, she could be, even though she was brilliant at both! Her kids and patients adored her. She was totally empathetic and compassionate. She had wanted to be a doctor since she was a child. I had always admired her dogged certainty in her future career as I had no idea, growing up, what I wanted to be. When Judi was working, she worried about not being with her babies. When she was at home with them, she worried about not being at work. She had an absolutely perfect situation – beautiful home in the countryside, loving husband, great, local part time job, doing what she had always dreamt of and yet, she was not content due to self-imposed, needless, inner turmoil and fear that she was not enough. It is my belief that my sister made herself ill through her thoughts and continual doubts over a long period of time. She died of a brain tumour. Partly as a result of this, I have spent the last 20 years studying personal development, how the mind works, how to achieve success amidst adversity and, the natural healing of our minds and bodies through Qi Gong and Energy Medicine.

Negative thoughts lead to negative emotions and, over time, energy blockages in our bodies. These eventually lead to illness. It can be a chronic disease, like rheumatoid arthritis or a possible life sentence, like cancer. Our diets and living environment have a role to play but, our thoughts are a fundamental factor in our long-term health and quality of life. The good news is that, if our thoughts can get us into trouble, changing these thoughts to become more positive and optimistic, seeing the best side of every situation and feeling love in our hearts, this can help us recover and remove energy blockages, leading to improved health in most cases and, perfect health in some.

What will you do this month of Easter for your rebirth, to renew your spirit, improve your health and mindset? At this time of uncertainty where we are being forced to stay home, we have the unexpected luxury of time to contemplate our lives, our health, our relationships. We have time to figure out ways to improve our work/life balance for the better, to reduce stress and release health blockages through spiritual practice, like Qi Gong. Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese art of movement, tapping into the body’s natural energy system, realigning and purifying it by removing blockages and resuming normal flow. This leads to healthy realignment of our body systems.

Tony Benn, former Labour MP, was quoted as saying “Governments don’t want a healthy, intelligent population as they are difficult to control”. I say, it is time to reclaim our power, our own natural sense of wellbeing and vitality, leading to an improvement in our mental, spiritual and emotional health so that we can become the best version of ourselves and, thereby, help others do the same!

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