Body Sculpting by Dr Margo

WE SELL RESULTS! – lose inches, lose weight, build muscle, stay young!

Most of us are eating an unnatural diet, which upsets the balance of the hormones in our bodies. By eating a natural diet, we can half premature ageing, achieve better health whilst increasing lean muscle and permanently eliminate excess body fat, losing weight.

The diet is a programme pioneered by Rio H Blair – top nutritionist in the world who trained all the top Hollywood stars in the 70’s and is combined with our revolutionary new gym training system which incorporates maximum training, efficiency with the mind working exclusively for the body to succeed.

This is a new concept in holistic health and weight loss. The intensive programme incorporates a 12 day regime of one to one personal training, a comprehensive nutrition programme and mind focusing techniques proven to maximise muscle growth and remove body fat. 

This unprecedented training allows the body and mind to work as one to achieve incredible results in the minimal time possible. The programme is backed fully by University Research, unlike any other form of training. The fact that the training only lasts 20 minutes a day for 12 days will appeal to business people and residents alike. Busy, discerning people like rapid results and will appreciate that they actually have a highly qualified personal trainer fully committed to their success.

• The training only lasts 20 minutes a day and runs for 12 consecutive days
• Suits busy, discerning people who like rapid results
• Highly qualified personal trainer fully committed to your success
• Comprehensive nutrition plan, you won’t feel hungry!
• Suitable for men and women of any age, suitable for couples.
• Exercises are bespoke and tailored for each client, only safe weights are lifted
• Safe for those on medication who want to get fit
• Expert medical advice by qualified advanced nurse practitioner
• Ongoing follow-up advice
• Before and after body measurements, weight and BMI calculations
• What is it costing you to stay unhealthy and overweight?
• Prolonged aerobic exercise makes you age faster!

The purpose of this Weight Training Programme is to return the body to it’s natural hormonal state and then to enhance and maintain these levels. (this is a unique concept in the world of personal training!)

In addition to increased muscle strength and fitness, most importantly, the programme is designed to increase muscle tissue. As we age, we lose 30% of our muscle mass, including from vital organs. As we regain our muscle tissue, we begin to reverse the ageing process. Another important benefit of increased muscle mass is that, for every 1lb gained, you burn an extra 50Kcal at rest. This is because muscle increases metabolic rate by burning fat. Please note carefully, that any diet or training programme, whilst enabling you to lose weight, and in the process, lose muscle, is a serious step in the wrong direction. Once you are losing muscle, you are accelerating ageing, damaging your organs and decreasing your energy due to a reduction in metabolic rate.

Most people think if they take protein and lift weights they will gain muscle. This is true, but needs to be done scientifically. Once clients are gaining muscle through weight training (any age or sex will benefit from this) this will reverse the ageing process and they will stay younger longer – a wonderful secret to learn at any age!

Clients who have successfully completed this programme found their lives improved in all areas, not just in their figures, their concentration, focus, and self-esteem improved dramatically.

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