Keto Kick Start Plan

Want to kickstart your new body shape and boost your energy?

. Depressed about your weight and don’t know where to turn?
. Is this affecting your self-esteem and relationships?
. Are you losing muscle and gaining weight due to COVID-19 restrictions?
Do you need a helping hand to get you on the right programme for proven results in only 12 days?
Join Dr Margo (#DrMargo) and become part of the next 12-day, Keto Kick Start Body Sculpting Group, together with like-minded souls and let’s kick start your body back into shape!
Cost is only 75 euros (reduced from 100) and includes:
Personalised 12 day keto nutrition plan with many options and no calorie counting – you won’t feel hungry!
Result Chart for before and after measurements
3 Group support and result sessions live on Zoom with Dr Margo.
Follow up nutrition programme, post 12 day programme
Invitation to join clan membership group
Click here to register for your new ketogenic kick start programme

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