Keto Kick Start Body Sculpting Programme

You know how you feel robbed of your freedom to stay fit due to all the time we have been forced into lock down and quarantine? You have been getting increasingly depressed about your weight and don’t know where to turn? Is this affecting your self-esteem and relationships? Have you spent more time eating and sitting around over the last few weeks and can’t stand how your body shape is changing? Do you need a helping hand to get you on the right programme for proven results in only 12 days?

I have done the 12 day challenge after the lockdown and must admit that I really enjoyed it. The beginning was tough, the diet more than the exercises but with the help of Margo I stuck to it. She is strict but very encouraging. She is extremely knowledgeable and explains everything very well. On top of that she is a charming lady who has got a very positive outlook on life which is rather catching. Thanks so much for this new experience.” Monika, Spain (June 2020)

Join our clan and kick start your new body shape with this revolutionary keto nutrition programme. receive one to one support and achieve your success in only 12 days!

CONGRATULATIONS Monika for doing brilliantly in your 12 day fat busting challenge, completed today – weight loss 1.7KG (4lbs); fat loss 6lb, muscle gain 2.2lb (1Kg); inch loss over body 6.7 inches (17cm); Body fat reduced by 3.3% in 12 days!!

Way to go! You are a brilliant student, you listen, try hard, adapt, took the nutrition plan religiously and adopted a “never give up” attitude. I am very proud of you. Dr Margo


  • Lose inches/cm, over your body and several kilograms in just 12 days.
  • Reverse ageing, improve energy, feel great!
  • Be taken by the hand and be accountable for your own success without being left to fend for yourself.
  • Succeed no matter what your age or fitness level
  • Beat the effects of lock down and bounce back to health and optimism about your body!

 It’s all possible with our new Keto Kick Start Body Sculpting Programme – I’ll show you how!

As a person who spends a lot of time looking after others, it has been quite difficult to make time for my own wellbeing.  Well, this Keto Nutrition Plan came just at the right time and helped me to shed the weight I put on over the Covid19 lockdown period. I found it to be a simple diet to follow and very effective as there were no unusual things to find but just plain wholesome food, easily available.  The biggest bonus was not feeling hungry between meals unlike some diet plans.  I wasn’t even thinking or obsessing about food, allowing me to just get on with my day.   Dr Margo was also very supportive in helping me deal with any concerns that I had.  By the end of the 12-day plan, I had lost 26cm overall and 4Kg of weight and began to see signs of my cheekbones again. This plan was just the boost and motivation I needed to improve my own health and well-being.  Thank you Dr Margo” –   Stephie, London (August 2020).

Why I do what I do

I’m on a mission to TRANSFORM people’s health, including obesity because, it affects every aspect of their life, including their relationships and self-esteem. I help overweight people, as well as those unhappy about their body shape, overcome previous failed diets with low self-esteem and achieve RESULTS.

Over the years I have watched people struggling with their weight and fighting a losing battle to know how to overcome their problem, as there is so much hype about diets out there and, people don’t know where to turn. My goal is to help my clients succeed by kick starting their bodies into a different metabolism, losing weight, inches or centimetres over their bodies and, regaining their self-esteem.

So many people told me that they hate looking into the mirror, see themselves as fat, out of shape and flabby and are experiencing health issues as a result that, I felt the need to help them, so I created my keto kick start body sculpting programme.

Once they undertake the 12-day keto kick start, they find the solution to their problems as they begin to take back control over their body shape and weight, regain self-confidence and realise they are not alone but are fully supported by an expert who cares deeply about their results and long term health. I’ve been working with my clients on this obesity issue for over ten years and it is so fulfilling to be able to support you on your journey.

I struggled with obesity from my teenage years and became so obsessed with my weight that I became anorexic and bulimic in my early twenties. I didn’t feel I had control over my weight and saw food as an enemy. As I grew older, being an avid scientist, I observed and studied weight loss programmes and realised that mindset has a lot to do with successful weight loss and control. I also learnt that the intricate biochemistry of the body works in such a away that we tend to gain weight if we combine sugar with fat and, that, paradoxically, a high fat diet, in the absence of carbohydrate, is the most successful way to burn fat itself and help people lose weight without losing valuable muscle mass and increasing ageing through starvation diets. As a result, I came across my keto kick start body sculpting programme and have used it intermittently over several years to maintain my perfect body weight.

Join Dr Margo (#DrMargo) and become part of the next 12-day, Keto Kick Start Body Sculpting Group, together with like-minded souls and let’s kick start your body back into shape!

The keto kick start body sculpting programme will help you to take back control of your weight, achieve success in just 12 days and help you lose inches as well as kilograms.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Personalised 12 day keto nutrition plan with many options and no calorie counting – you won’t feel hungry!
  • Result Chart for before and after measurements
  • 3 group support and result sessions live on Zoom with Dr Margo.
  • Follow up nutrition advice, post 12 day programme.
  • An invitation to join the keto kick start body sculpting membership programme.

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