Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy

Intravenous Vitamin Detox “Vi-Tox”

Integrated Medical Consultant, when Western Medicine just isn’t enough.

“Nearly all disease can be traced to a nutritional deficiency”

Linus Pauling, Two times Nobel Prize Winner

“There’s no condition Vitamin C cannot help, if given for long enough and, in high enough doses”

Dr Frederick Klenner, treated and wrote about conditions from “Snakebite to overdose”.

“Vitamin C is better than chemotherapy and makes all normal cells healthier”

Dr Thomas Levy, MD

Why vitamin C?

Stress causes disease. Our bodies produce free radicals through cellular processes, induced by stress, which can be severely toxic and, eventually life-threatening. Vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidants ever known. It acts by reducing oxidative stress and stabilising free radicals, allowing body processes to continue normally and efficiently, providing optimum energy flow and health. All illness is a result of oxidative stress so it follows that this can be reversed or even prevented by preventing oxidative stress and free radical formation.

Humans do not produce vitamin C and, the majority of us are deficient in this vital substance, mostly unaware of both it’s massive benefits and, the results of our deficiency. Many people take it as normal to feel tired, depressed with diffuse joint pain and poor wound healing. All of these are linked to vitamin C deficiency.

Benefits of Vitamin C

Why intravenous?

Intravenous vitamin and mineral formulae have been used successfully for over 60 years to treat a variety of medical problems, including asthma, migraine, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, acute muscle spasm, respiratory tract infections, chronic sinusitis, allergies, cardiovascular disease, neurological and mental health disorders. Intravenous administration of nutrients by-passes the liver metabolism which would destroy most of the benefits of oral ingestion, prior to the nutrients getting to cellular level. It follows that, serum concentrations much higher than that possible by oral and even intramuscular administration, are achievable via the intravenous route. Much higher doses of the vitamins can be given intravenously. They reach the target cells rapidly via the blood stream, without degradation and create valuable benefits to the unhealthy body system.

How does vitamin C work?

• Body processes and stress produce free radicals (molecules “missing an electron” making them highly unstable)
• This oxidative stress cycle leads to damage and instability in cells, tissues and organs of the body
• Vitamin C is one of the most powerful “anti-oxidants” on earth and provides electrons to free radicles to stabilise them
• White blood cells, of the immune system, rely on vitamin C to survive and withstand the attack of pathogens and free radicals. The immune system is the surveillance system against cancer occurring
• Vitamin C also plays an important role as an anti-histamine, helping minimise autoimmune conditions and, as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent
• Vitamin C has several key roles within the power houses of each cell in our body – the mitochondria. The more you have, the more energy you have. Without vitamin C, the mitochondria die and you lose energy rapidly.

Types of Vitamin C

Oral: Ascorbic Acid; Ester C; Liposomal; Sodium/Calcium/Magnesium Ascorbate

Intravenous: Sodium Ascorbate

Deficiency Causes:

• Reduced resistance to viral and bacterial infection
• Decreased threshold against toxins (Neurological/mental)
• Increases risk of inflammatory disease (eg heart attacks, cancer, arthritis)
• Scurvy

So, what is Vi-Tox therapy?

This is a comprehensive therapy involving intravenous nutrient therapy for something as simple as a hang-over, right down to a patient suffering from cancer and, everything else in between. It is combined with a baseline blood check to establish both general blood parameters, including inflammation but also, vital hormone levels essential for health. The intravenous therapy is combined with high quality, targeted, nutritional supplementation as well as bio-identical hormone therapy if indicated, all of which is designed to minimise oxidative stress and rebalance the body’s hormone and nutrient levels for optimum health and vitality. All of the ingredients of the Vi-Tox infusion and oral supplementation have been shown, by experts in the field, to work synergistically with vitamin C for optimal effect. This regime can be used preventatively, to enhance sports performance and, to alleviate and possibly cure, the symptoms of many diseases.

Main component: High Dose Vitamin C – Vitamin C is vital for life!

Other Components: Essential vitamins and minerals within the infusion and/or taken as supplements daily for optimum health

Glutathione is a vital companion to Vitamin C

What has intravenous Vitamin C been used to treat successfully?

Other benefits

Vitamin C and Cancer

Lifestyle to accompany optimum health:

Why avoid sugar?

Contra-indications to Vitamin C therapy

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