Corona Virus explained – myths and realities #CoronaOutbreak #CoV #Covid-19

#CoronaOutbreak #CoV #Covid-19 #COVID2019uk

This article explains some of the myths and realities relating to this pandemic .There is global media coverage on the Corona Virus outbreak, #coronaoutbreak, #CoV, causing major concern to the general public regarding what this virus does, if infected, could they be at risk and, how to protect themselves and their families from infection.

Viruses are minute collections of protein and genetic material which cannot survive outside of their live host cells. There are currently over 320,000 identified viruses which infect mammals. Most cause non fatal infections lasting for a few days up to two weeks in duration. These infections are fought off by the body’s natural defense mechanisms, including, in humans, a highly structured and effective immune system. Viruses are effectively destroyed by anti-viral agents such as Interferon, killer cells which engulf foreign bodies and neutralise them and cytotoxic T-cells from the Thymus, located in the throat area. This response occurs with hours of infection up to days and usually results in complete clearance of the offending virus from the body with life-long immunity thereafter. Corona Virus (#CoV) is part of the family of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) viruses and is named SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 (COronaVIrus Disease (2019). The following videos explain how to boost your immune system to avoid infection and some facts about the Corona Virus myths and realities. #COVID2019uk

  1. Corona Virus (#coronavirus) has only a 2.3% mortality rate compared to other, more dangerous viral epidemics, eg ebola with a 70% mortality rate and SARS with a 10% mortality rate
  2. 98% of those infected recover fully from the infection with Corona Virua #CoV
  3. The disease is proving to be less virulent (“bad”) than originally suspected
  4. Most at risk are those over 60 years of age and those with compromised immune or respiratory systems who have been exposed to outbreak areas
  5. The UK is not a high risk area as there have only been 51 cases as of 3/3/2020 compared to over 90,000 cases globally with over 80,000 of these originating in China.
  6. There has only been one death from a UK citizen since the start of the outbreak on December 1st, 2019 in China’s Hubei Province
  7. The disease does not seem to be easily contracted amongst young people but, can cause severe illness in young children, if contracted.
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