What is Bioenergetics?

Bioenergetics, otherwise called “Dowsing”, is a divining process used to detect and cure energy in our environment created by disturbances to the Earth’s natural, harmonious energy flow that can cause stress in our bodies and homes. This divine process has been practiced for thousands of years but is virtually unknown in the western world. The earth’s natural vibrations support our immune and energy systems, our body’s and our minds. When the earth’s vibration is unnatural due to disturbances due to underground water, geological fractures and fault lines as well as the modern phenomenon of mobile phone masts and concentrated electricity exchanges, this natural energy can literally turn negative!

This negative energy silently affects all who live in a home or office. It has greater effect the longer one resides in this place. We can intuitively feel that a room or office or location just doesn’t “feel right”. Negative flow of energy can make us ill, uncomfortable, irritable or hostile. It can easily be detected using dowsing rods and corrected to positive energy. The results are instant – flow turns positive and miraculous shifts may occur almost immediately. It is vital to have positive energy in your home and work environment. The changes affect everyone living there, even animals who sense negative energy and move away from it naturally, with the exception of cats who actively seek out negative energy to lie in. When they move away from it, they shake off the negative energy so, are helping to clear negativity. As humans we have mostly lost this ability to connect which makes it even more important that our homes and offices are dowsed to enhance positive and remove negative energy flow. Bioenergetics forms the basis, literally, the “groundwork” to improve and optimise the flow of positive energy in a building as well as in the land. It is a vital feature which often goes completely undetected and, has the ability to transform the health of the land and all who live on it, once rectified to a positive flow which operates in harmony with our body systems. If you have an area in your garden where you just can’t get plants to grow or, see cracks in the walls around an area with dead plants, this signifies an area of negative energy which, once cured, will become positive and the plants will blossom! Bioenergetics is a magical skill, a health-giving technique and cannot afford to be ignored if you wish optimal Feng Shui in your home and environment! I have seen businesses which have changed hands over and over with no profit. The new proprietors were not able to make a success of the business. Upon dowsing for negative energy, I have determined that there was a lot of negativity in the ground and the building, accounting for the failure of the business to survive or make a profit. Astute business-people will know about the secrets of Feng Shui and dowsing and, will not hesitate to have their precious business dowsed and Feng Shui’d for optimal success and positive flow. In Hong Kong, for many years, business owners, including the major corporate financial giants, have commissioned a Feng Shui and Bioenergetics specialist prior to building or, prior to taking over an existing building as they know how vital this energy system is. They respect and work with the laws of nature. As a result, Hong Kong corporations enjoyed massive success and abundance over many years.

Contact me to see what Bioenergetics is and learn about the different types of negative energy underground which may be affecting you at home or work. Learn how this can be cured and made positive, using simple techniques. Understand how positive energy enhances your success, health, relationships and personal growth. This technique is the fundamental compliment to Feng Shui, the first step in the transformation of environmental energy.


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If you feel that the energy or ‘atmosphere’ within your home or office is not conducive to a peaceful, healthy, joyful life for you and those who inhabit this space, you may be experiencing negative energy underground or due to past events. Use this simple guide to learn about bioenergetics and how you can tap into your own innate power and cure negative energy to optimise your environment.

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