Bay Radio – Expert Advice on COVID-19 – the Truth, by #DrMargo#MargoANP #COVID19 #coronaoutbreak

Top Tips and advice on Bay Radio, relating to the COVID-19 disease recorded on Tuesday 17th March, 2020:

Dougie Mack speaks with Dr Margo Livingston on Covid-19 Coronavirus, including the different levels of symptoms, those most at risk, and how best to prevent …

If you would like a more detailed report on the Truth About Corona Virus, watch my recent Webinar, hosted by Marilyn Devonish, recorded on Monday 16th March, 2020:

I had a client meeting with a Doctor of Immunology, and MSc in Advanced Nurse Practitioning this. We were talking about the #Coronavirus #CoV, some common my…

Follow-up spontaneous webinar to answer questions about children and Corona Virus on Tuesday 17th March, 2020:

Coronavirus – Children & the Virus. Marilyn Devonish in conversation with Dr Margo Livingston, PhD Haematology/Immunology; BSc Immunology; MSc Advanced Profe…

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