Announcing the formation of the “Post Lock Down Fat Busting Clan”

6 day home-based group training on Zoom – only 25 euros!

Are you losing muscle and gaining weight due to COVID-19?

  • Do you realise muscle loss ages you?
  • Do you feel robbed of your freedom to stay fit due to all the time we have been forced into lock down?
  • Have you spent more time eating and sitting around over the last few weeks and can’t stand how your body shape is changing?
  • Are you lacking energy and vitality and can’t figure out how to shift your mindset and help your body recover?

Join Dr Margo (#DrMargo) and become part of this 6-day, Home-Based Fat Busting Intensive, together with your pals, to kick start your body back into shape!

6 day home-based group training on Zoom:

Lose inches, convert fat to youthful muscle tone, reverse ageing, improve energy, feel great!

Follow Dr Margo showing you muscle building exercises you can do from home with minimal equipment, just the will to succeed!

  • Have fun comparing notes with your friends and family as you engage in simple, fun exercises aimed at working all your muscles back to fitness
  • Suitable for any age or fitness level
  • Let’s beat the effects of lock down together!
  • Assess your progress by measuring your waist

Requirements –

The will to succeed and stop the rot!

Cost: only 25 euros to join the Clan, less than 5 euros per session!

Good internet access and ability to use Zoom

Advantageous but not essential –

§ Set of dumbbells and/or strap on weights to suit your size and current strength

§ Yoga mat § Training gloves § Stability Ball

About Dr Margo – Trained by 12 x Body Building Champion for Ireland

Qualified Personal Trainer

Start Date – to be announced

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