About me

I have spent the last 45 years investing deeply into the study and practice of all aspects of health
and healing mental and physical problems through both western and eastern practices.

I too, went through periods of ill health, depression, lack of energy and poor motivation over the years. Hence, I am so intent on helping you stop the development of chronic ill-health and, improve any pain and suffering you may currently be experiencing, that I wish to share my journey of healing with you now.

I am an eclectic, unique, Integrated Medical Consultant with experience in Immunology, Public Health, Advanced Nursing, Wellbeing & Mental Health Therapy. With a doctorate (PhD) in Immunology and a Masters in Advanced Nursing Practice (MSc, ANP), as well as many years experience in eastern healing modalities.

I have spent my life developing skills in traditional science, nursing, clinical research, alternative medicine/health, personal development, personal training, natural energetic healing (personal and environmental), teaching and lecturing, which has moulded me into a rare, multi-faceted specialist.

My work enables me to help clients with physical and mental problems to be part of their own healing process, to opt to be treated using traditional “Western” methods or, to be shown how to heal themselves using “Eastern” methods or, a combination of both.

It is vital to understand and, may come as a surprise to you, that both our internal and external environments contribute equally to our health and wellbeing. From the inside-out we begin to understand how body and mind work in harmony to create optimal physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health, happiness and long-term wellbeing. This incorporates internal focus using mind/body energetics, personal training and advice on nutrition to optimise weight and balance energy production and external energy pathways for perfect health, longevity and vitality.

Are you ready? It is time for your health transformation!


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